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If you want to provide financial support for any of the activities described here on the website this can be done through PayPal. If you want more information about the programmes and the funding of them, please contact Graeme Bristol at CAHR (see Contact page).

Past Supporters:

Over the years we have received support from many organizations in different sectors, some of it financial, some moral, some both:


Volunteers over the years (mostly in Bangkok) have provided CAHR a great deal of support. It couldn’t be done without them:
Ponthep Chatpinyakoop (Aj. Wah)
Alvaro Conti
Michael Salter
Duncan Firth
Rahul Bhargav Kaushik Barthakur
Wattana Millar – pictured here with the merit-making money tree at the opening of the bamboo school. K. Wattana lives in Samut Prakan and was instrumental in all aspects of the construction of the school from the securing of land, the acquisition of materials and the construction management on the site. It could not have been completed without her efforts.


We have had two students doing internships with CAHR:
Bianca Cesarotti (2017)
Trude Renwick (2011)

We Do Support

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We support/appreciate a number of organizations doing related work and that list continues to grow:



  • Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) – working to advance the rights of nature (see, for example, here) or the work of
  • David Boyd in Canada and with the UN)
  • Displacement Solutions – CAHR worked with the founder of Displacement Solutions (DS), Scott Leckie, on supporting the Pom Mahakan community. DS is doing important work in land rights and housing for those displaced as a result of climate change.



Gulf Labour Coalition – see for example, here, and here.

Human Rights

Human Rights Watch – HRW has done important work in reporting on and making recommendations about mega-projects and the responsibilities of the profession of architecture to construction labourers. They have highlighted many issues of labour on major construction sites such as the Beijing Olympics, the Sochi Olympics, Saadiyat Island, and many others.

UN Business & Human Rights – Along with their work on transnational organizations, this UN Working Group has been involved more recently with investigating gentrification in London amid a row over the planned demolition of a Latin American market called Pueblito Paisa in Tottenham. See also here, and here (the community won its battle).

There will be many more additions to this list as we move forward in the protection and promotion of rights in development.